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IOT Networks for Smart City


There is a constant growing demand for secured SDR based wireless technology in industrial IoT networks, defense networks and public safety networks.

WaveDyut IP Wireless link is end to end solution that fulfills the need for most of such wireless networks. The systems are built on WaveDyut SDR platform and 802.16e compliant . Considering the simplicity in WaveDyut’s network layer, can be used in both cellular and non-cellular type of requirements. The link works in all licensed and unlicensed bands in the range of 70 MHz to 6 GHz.

Most of these applications require a technology which is proven and affordable.

Lekha’s WaveDyut link is built with better understanding of the end customer requirements. Data links are integrated several applications has seen several successful trials.

The architecture supports easy application interface via a packet interface. The radio card supports wide band RF with tunable front end filters. The system uses flexible design and it provides fast turnaround time for any customization. The system provides user interface for configuring system parameters for the application requirement.

WaveDyut is a Software Defined Radio hardware which can be software programmed to operate as Base station or a Mobile station node. Lekha has a road map to support relay station node to support adhoc network topology.


Multiple WavevDyut HW and enclosure are built to cater to the deployment and environmental requirements.

  • WaveDyut – Rhodium – Outdoor deployments. Conduction cooled. Radio bandwidth tunable from 500KHz to 10 MHz. Deployment for several utility customers in power generation segment.
  • WaveDyut – ADV – is a triple play link. In addition to IP packet interface device  supports for analog audio and video interface. WaveDyut-ADV does audio and video encoding/decoding capability. This link is good as vehicle mount and UGV type of requirements. Fan based cooling. Available with RF power upto 10W.
  • WaveDyut – SRI – Designed for airborne type of application. Compact in design lower weight. Provides option for broad band IP traffic.

WaveDyut SRI


WaveDyut ADV


WaveDyut Rhodium


  • Robotics where long Range, HD quality and low latency video links are required.
  • Disaster Management – with requirement for mission critical and High availability communication.
  • Secured Tactical Networks involving terrestrial, airborne and waterfront applications.
  • SCADA based Industrial IOT networks
  • ICT network for Smart City Application
  • Custom Broadband IP link