The Lekha DCU Solution Enables collection of energy meter data from Grouped metering and Sub-stations meters and uploading to remote servers over a wireless network.

Software Specification

  • Open Source Linux system with 3.xx kernel version
  • Device drivers for all the interfaces
  • API’s for accessing the GPRS Zigbee and GPS modules
  • Application for reading meter data and uploading to remote


Download Datasheet

Data Concentrator Unit Datasheet (671 downloads)


  • Data is used to generate various reports for proper load planning and monitoring which are required for effective energy management and distribution. Emergency message (SMS) can be sent to sub-stations on tampering or during malfunctioning of the meters.
  • DCU will provide continuous online monitoring and logging of the following parameters:
    Kilowatt-hour, Maximum Demand, UTC time, Maximum Demand for various months, Tamper Data.

Hardware Specification

  • TI’s AM33XX 32bit ARM Processor – 250MHz to 1GHz
  • DRAM -128MB /256 MB
  • DATA Flash – eMMC/Micro SD 4GB
  • Serial Port – RS232
  • Zigbee 2.4 GHz Module
  • GPRS Dual/Quad band
  • GPS
  • Battery backup with internal charger
  • 10 Hrs. of continuous operation

Other Applications

Remote lighting control from GPSR/WiFi network through DCU network to lights.