Lekha’s WCDMA Solution is a complete Software solution developed in C and Matlab which can be very easily ported onto a physical layer platform to realise both BS and MS.


  • Licensable in MATLAB or C source code
  • Detailed Architecture and Design document

Download Datasheet

Release 9 Compliant WCDMA - HSDPA & HSUPA (452 downloads)


  • DL peak data rates of 84 Mbps
  • UL peak data rates of 23 Mbps
  • Dual Carrier in both DL and UL 2X2 MIMO
  • TX and Rx Diversity Techniques
  • Transmit Power Control
  • QPSK/16-QAM/64-QAM mod/demodulations schemes
  • CPC, DTX and DRX operations
  • Type 3i interference cancellation receiver solutions
  • Tested in with various channel models with configurable SNR
  • Xml based configuration management
  • CLI based debug and user interface

Test Environment

Test reports are generated using third party test equipment and Lekha’s test solution Wave Guru™


Uses AD 9361 RF module for generation and analysis of RF signals.