Communications Systems

We offer support through product design, architecture, software development, hardware integration, deployment and support. Our unique expertise in the Wireless ecosystem makes us the first choice and trusted partners in delivering next generation wireless products to the market.
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Growing system prototyping costs, enhanced NRE costs for low volume ASIC’s and shrinking time-to-market are bringing in new opportunities and challenges on the FPGA roadmap. Lekha offers a winning mix of domain expertise, understanding of system architecture and FPGA implementation skills to enable customer’s success.
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Embedded Software

We work very closely with hardware design teams for the low level diagnostics and bring-up of the hardware. Lekha has extensive platform knowledge of various Processor architectures and experience in porting system and application software to various target hardware platforms.
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Hardware & FPGA

Lekha’s Hardware design team has proven expertise to address the customer’s needs in Hardware board designs, Reference platform designs, Digital, Analog and Mixed-Signal Board designs, Expertise in handling memory and peripheral interface designs and Expertise in various bus interfaces.
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Software Development Phases

  • Planning

Technical feasibility, proof of concept and product prototyping. Strong safeguard of customer’s Intellctual Property is ensured.

  • Design

Product Architecture and Design using domain expertise and deep system knowledge.

  • Development

Software development with on time project status, good project management processes and quality. Development of needed test environment and unit testing.

  • Integration

System Integration, and Integration of hardware and middleware taking product to completion.

  • Deployment

Assistance throughout Early Field Trials and product deployment.

  • Maintenance

Support of the product after it’s entry into the market constantly endearing product to the end user.