Lekha assists customers to deliver finished products and sustain it through production, field trials and deployment.

At Lekha, we understand that increased communication system performance also means increased complexity in algorithms and computation. This needs to be dealt with a simplified approach to design and development. Lekha offers expertise and solution’s for addressing these challenges.

The main challenges in development lies in taking the product to finish, in a shorter time window, without compromising on quality, profit margins or feature innovation.
We offer support through product design, architecture, software development, hardware integration, and deployment. Our unique expertise in the Wireless ecosystem makes us the first choice and trusted partners in delivering next generation wireless products to the market.

We offer the following services in Communications

Physical Layer

  • Processor or Platform Expertise

Pico Chip
FPGAs (Xilinx & Altera)

  • Systems Expertise

Floating Point Simulations
Fixed point C simulation
Analysis of captured realtime signals

  • Development Expertise

3GPP (WCDMA & LTE) and WiMax PHY layers
Software Architecture
Cycle Optimization
Feature Implementation

RF integration

  • Platform Expertise

Analog Devices Transceivers
Maxim based transceivers
TI based transceivers
Proprietary Radio architectures

  • Development Expertise

Glue logic for interfacing Digital I Q samples
Serial port drivers for configuration
Calibration Strategies
CPRI interface

  • RF Design Expertise

Low power RF design based on RFICs
Statemachine for power saving, Hand Over Scanning etc
TDD and FDD mode of operation

Protocol Stack

  • Platforms

Multicore ARM CORTEX A9
Intel X86, atom

  • Operating System


  • Development Expertise

3GPP (WCDMA and LTE) and WiMAX stacks
Feature Enahancements
Network Simulator
Integration with Phystack and Network Layers
State machine
Cycle Optimization

Embedded Infrastructure

  • Embedded Infrastructure

Board Support Package
Drivers for HW accelerators

System Test

The success, quality, endurance and reliability of a product is enhanced by a quality test team with a very good understanding of the system. Lekha’s test team has deep expertise in various Wireless systems like WiMAX, WiFi, LTE.