Lekha offers high quality solutions in the Embedded software space, with expertise in Developing Board Support Packages(BSP) including boot loader code.

We work very closely with hardware design teams for the low level diagnostics and bring-up of the hardware. Lekha has extensive platform knowledge of various Processor architectures and experience in porting system and application software to various target hardware platforms.

We have Engineering talent specialized in developing and customizing device drivers for Linux, embedded Linux, vxWorks, nucleus, Andriod etc. As a part of this offerings, Lekha provides the following services:
  1. Development of new BSP (Board Support Packages)

  2. BSP Migration – To new OS/ newer os versions

  3. BSP Migration – To newer platform versions

  4. Customization and Validation of existing BSP

  5. Device driver development and testing.

  6. Integration of peripherials around processors and SOC.

Lekha specializes in the following Embedded areas too

  • BSP development and migration

RTOS- Nucleus,uClinux,Montavista.
Embedded Linux

  • Device Driver Development and testing

for host based, Embedded and multiple architectures.

  • Displays

Graphical LCD (TFT,STN),Character LCD’s Analog Displays.

  • Camera Interface

Digital Camera, CMOS,VGA

  • Audio Interfaces


  • Memory devices

Flash ( NAND,NOR),SDRAM( DDR2/3), CompactFlash,SD/MMC, eMMC

  • Communication peripherals

Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GSM, GPS, Modem,Ethernet,zigbee.

  • Bus Interfaces

USB host and device, SDIO,I2C,SPI,RS-232,RS485. Power management

  • Flash File System

Firmware development and integration.
Customization and development of boot code for the customised hardware.
Different boot codes :U-boot, Blob, ARMboot.