Lekha’s Hardware design team has proven expertise to address the customer’s needs in the following areas
  • Hardware board designs.
  • Turnkey Product Engineering from concept to manufacturing and deployment.
  • Reference platform designs.
  • Digital, Analog and Mixed-Signal Board designs.
  • Variety of Processor architectures such as ARM, x86, DSP’s and FPGA’s.
  • Expertise in various bus interfaces such as USB, DDR2/3, LPDDR, EMIF,I2C, PCIe, SPI, CAN etc.
  • Expertise in handling memory and peripheral interface designs: DDR, Flash memories, Displays, Audio and video codecs, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS, GPS, Smart card controllers, Biometrics

Snap shot of Services offered

  • Design Cycle
  • Innovation to Architecture Design
  • Schematic Capture
  • Component Identification and Bill of Materials
  • PCB Place and Route
  • Signal Integrity: Pre-layout and Post-layout
  • Board bring-up and diagnostics
  • DFM (Design for manufacture)
  • Mass production and deployment
  • Design for compliance
  • PCB Design
  • Experience in High speed design.
  • Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal Boards.
  • RF and communication interfaces with Codecs,
  • FXO, FXS, DAA, SLIC circuits
  • Complex BGA’s and POP devices
  • Routing complexity upto 4mil/ 4mil
  • Blind and Buried vias
  • Complex multilayer PCB’s
  • Co-ordination with sophisticated FAB houses

Industrial Design

We partner with leading design houses and fabrication facilities for Product design activities. Together with these strengths, we offer Industrial design and prototype support. Case studies include proven product designs with Plastic, sheet metal, Aluminum and rubber.

This enables our customers to work with us as a one-stop solution provider for the complete product cycle.