The focus of the Systems R&D group at Lekha is to design and develop efficient algorithms for next generation wireless networks, build a comprehensive IP portfolio, participate & contribute in IEEE and 3GPP standardization activities and publish in reputed international conferences & journals.

The division also collaborates with experts in the field, universities and research laboratories of international repute to advance research and development in the broad areas of communication networks and signal processing.


Our current activities include

  • Development of in-house expertise in Wireless standards (802.16e, 802.11ac, LTE, LTE-A, etc.)
  • Mathematical modeling, Systems simulation and Performance analysis for Next Generation Wireless Networks.
  • IP creation.


Some of the services our group offers are

  • Analysis and solutions for deployed networks.
  • Communication system design & architecture on custom specific DSP/ASIC/FPGA platforms.
  • System performance analysis.


Our current Research focuses on

  • Cell dimensioning and resource allocation.
  • Mobility management & handover optimization.
  • Techniques for base station cooperation and interference management.
  • Cognitive radio techniques for efficient spectrum utilization.
  • Green networking.
  • Game theoretic analysis of interacting agents.
  • Self organizing networks.