Lekha has expertise in developing Tactical Communication / Military communication systems.

Tactical battle area communication are generally wireless networks which are required to be a terrestrial broadband network. The technology components used in commercial network cannot be directly used for building such networks for reasons like:

  • Constant churning requires flexibility in the designs, programmable parts instead of ASICs
  • Source code control to sustain the product for long term.
  • Ruggedized designs to meet the environmental and other needs
  • Low powered designs

Lekha’s technology offering for building Tactical Communication Systems.

SDR Reference Platform for Tactical Communication

Tactical communication - SDR - Lekha wireless

Lekha’s SDR Platform can be used for the following:

  • Small cell BS or Relay Station for WiMAX.
  • Full fledged WiMAX MS solution
  • Small cell WCDMA NodeB
  • 3G UE
  • Wi-Fi Access point.
  • Other proprietary and standard Wireless links

Radio Module for Tactical Communications

Lekha’s baseband solutions are based on a transceiver which brings flexibility in network designs.

  • Operating frequency Band of 70 MHz to 6.0 GHz
  • 2×2 MIMO support per transceiver IC.
  • 4X4 MIMO with 2 transcievers.
  • TDD and FDD mode of operation
  • Tunable BW up to 56MHz
  • Supported technologies WiMAX, WiFi, LTE, WCDMA etc

Tactical communication - radio module - lekha wireless

Lekha Smart Scan Technology for Tactical Communications

Lekha’s radio solution for Tactical communication system has the capability to do Intelligent scanning:

  • Scan the frequencies from 75M Hz to 6 GHz.
  • Scale up from 200KHz to 10 MHz BW of operation.
  • Self Organized Intelligent Network is the key for dependable battle field deployments.

Tactical communication - frequency scanning

For more Information on Lekha’s Tactical Communication systems offering please download the Datasheet.

Lekha Tactical Communication System - Product Sheet (507 downloads)