WaveGuru is a Fully Integrated SDR for rapid prototyping and concept proving any radio application in Lab.

WaveGuru is used for many Applications Like:
  • Research and Development – Quick Prototyping of Wireless Communication networks

  • Academics – for emulation and learning of wireless communication consepts

  • In field testing for sniffing and analyzing over the air signals like GSM, LTE, WiFi etc

WaveGuru supports:
  • Open Air Interface

  • GNU Radio Experiments

  • Matlab based simulink experiments

  • Open BTS Softwares

WaveGuru Feature List

  • AWGN and Channel Model option for Transmitter

  • CLI(Command Line Interface) feature to drive PHY APIs

  • Fixed point implementation for PHY Signal Chain APIs

  • Scripting feature for CLI

  • Constellation Plot for Rx

  • Time domain plots for Tx

  • Integrated with Radio (50 MHz to 6 GHz)

  • Standard compliant MAC-PHY interface

WaveGuru Test Setup


RF Board Features

  • Software tunable across wide frequency range (70 MHz to 6.0 GHz) with a channel bandwidth of 200 kHz to 56 MHz

  • Phase and frequency synchronization on both transmit and receive paths 2Tx/2Rx ports

  • External Reference Clock source connectivity

  • AGC, Quadrature calibration and DC offset calibration

  • Max input power 0dBm

  • ADC: Continuous time sigma-delta, 640MSPS

  • Digital Filters: 128 complex taps, decimation between 2 and 48

  • Supports up to 2 direct conversion RF receive channels

  • Fully integrated synthesizers (including loop filter)

  • Data path consists of digital filters, DAC and Modulators

  • Digital Filters: 128 complex taps, interpolation between 2 and 48

  • Gain: 0.25dB step size, 86dB range.

  • DAC: 320MSPS

  • Max out power 10 dBm @2.4 GHz

  • Gain: 1dB step size, 80dB analog range, 30dB digital range (post ADC scaling)

  • NF: 2.5dB @1GHz

WaveGuru Back Panel Connectors


Baseband Platform Features

  • Intel Core i7 processor

  • 8 GB of DDR3 SDRAM

  • Audio Port

  • VGA Interface

  • USB-UART Interface

  • 500GB/1TB Hard Disk Drive

  • USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports 

  • 1G Ethernet

  • SATA-III Interface

  • Ubuntu 14.0 LTS Operating System

WaveGuru supports GNU radio

GNU Radio

WaveGuru supports LTE Rel-9

It supports all DL and UL channels: 1.4, 3, 5 and 10 MHz bandwidths

did you


  1. WaveGuru can generate baseband IQ samples of both LTE eNodeB & UeTx physical channels. DL channels: PSS, SSS, PDCCH, PHICH, PCFICH and PDSCH. UL channels: SRS, PRACH, PUCCH and PUSCH.

  2. The created baseband signal can be fed to RF module for modulating onto an RF carrier (70MHz – 6 GHz) It can Synchronize from the RF modulated samples blindly, detect frame boundary, demodulate and decode the bits and calculate packet CRC.

  3. It can generate constellation plots for all channels (QPSK, 16QAM & 64QAM) and also display certain key measurement parameters like RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ and EVM of individual channels.

Hence WaveGuru LTE can be used to verify any commercial LTE eNodeB or UeTx (Rel-9 compliant equipment) whose signal can be captured on RF to detect Cell ID, MIB, SIB and data packet information.

WaveGuru LTE UeRx GUI display

Lekha Wireless - WaveGURU LTE GUII

WaveGuru Deliverables and Services


  • WaveGuru SDR Equipment

  • GNU Radio Based Experiments

  • Open Air Interface Based LTE eNB application

  • WaveGuru-LTE Installer for LTE test and measurement application

  • Open BTS Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Read this and get most of your questions about WaveGuru answered!

read our FAQ

to know more!

What is WaveGuru

WaveGuru is a SDR platform to generate and analyse wave forms on Baseband/RF. Presently WaveGuru supports LTE (Rel 9) and WiMAX (802.16e) standards and is also compliant with most of the open source initiatives.

Can I use the WaveGuru as a SDR platform?

Yes. WaveGuru can be used as a Software Defined Radio and much more! It can be used for:

  • Research & Development of proprietary and standard communication technologies.
  • Manufacturing with automation test bench.
  • Compliance and field testing in sniffer mode.

Can I run GNU radio experiments with WaveGuru?

Yes. WaveGuru comes pre-installed with GnuRadio. Additionally GnuRadio can be run from a PC and WaveGuru used as a SDR device.

Does WaveGuru support Lab View?


Does WaveGuru support MATLAB?

MATLAB experiments can be run on a PC and WaveGuru can be used as a reference SDR device to test new Algorithms.

Does WaveGuru support LTE?

Presently WaveGuru supports LTE Release 9 [TDD and FDD mode], both Tx and Rx in UE and eNodeB modes.
More importantly, in LTE UeRx mode the WaveGuru receiver can work in Blind signal detection mode, Synchronizing on the DL LTE signal to find frame boundary and eventually decoding the transmitted packet.

Does WaveGuru support W-CDMA?

No. Currently we do not support W-CDMA (UMTS). But, WaveGuru users can realize the same easily using SDR mode.

Does WaveGuru support WiMAX?

Yes. Supports both MS (CPE) and BS modes compliant upto 802.16e-2009.

Does WaveGuru support GSM?

No. We are presently actively working on integration with OpenBTS.

What is the signal capture duration that is supported?

The sampling rate plays the critical role in determining the capture time. On the basic model, a signal at 1MHz sampling can be captured for a duration of 1 hour. For LTE 20MHz at 30.72 MHz sampling, the capture time is about 160 ms. On the higher end model larger durations are supported.

How to configure LTE Tx/Rx parameters on WaveGuru?

GUI developed by Lekha provides and option of programming each and every parameters of an LTE frame. A base band waveform thus generated can be played from the radio or can be taken it for further analysis.

Can WaveGuru receiver synchronize with the Transmitted signal?

WaveGuru receiver synchronizes with Device Under Test using external 1 PPS clock. It is also capable of synchronizing with various technologies using blind synchronization techniques.

Can WaveGuru work in Wireless mode?

Yes, and WaveGuru box is also delivered with an antenna.

WaveGuru can be used to do wireless tests within few meters, the limitation factor is only the low Tx power. Additionally you can also order the WaveGuru box with a booster card accessory which will have  LNA and PA built-in, which will help in boosting the transmit power from +5 dBm to +26 dBm.

Does WaveGuru support MIMO?

Yes. WaveGuru radio is available in 1×2 and 2X2. Some components like eNodeB Tx are available today with LTE compliant MIMO wave form using the TX1 and TX2 ports.

Can WaveGuru be used to do a RF loop back test?

Yes. RF loop back is possible by connecting SMA cable between Transmit and Receive antenna ports with adequate attenuation.

Can WaveGuru PHY be used for developing the MAC protocol layer?

Yes. WaveGuru PHY can be used in real-time. User need to choose advanced HW configuration for this support.

Can WaveGuru Rx do long captures of LTE signal in RF?

There are some limitations for longer duration captures presently which are being worked on.

Can WaveGuru analyzer work in real time?

WaveGuru analyser works in real time capture -> analyse, Capture-Analyse mode. There will be several frames dropped during the Waveform analysis. For faster and real time performance Advanced HW option can be selected.

What measurements are supported on WaveGuru LTE Signal Analyzer?

WaveGuru LTE analyser can measure RSSI, RS-SNR, RSRP, RSRQ, BER, PER and EVM for all channels.

What are the Bandwidths supported on WaveGuru LTE ?

WaveGuru LTE supports all LTE bandwidths starting from 1.4 MHz upto 20 MHz.

Can WaveGuru eNodeB Tx support multiple users?


Can WaveGuru be used for introducing AWGN and Multipath Fading Channel models?

The WaveGuru in Tx mode has a capability to add AWGN and ITU channels.

Does WaveGuru LTE support both TDD and FDD mode of operation?

WaveGuru LTE FDD Tx/Rx analysis is fully supported. Stay tuned on the TDD mode support which is a work in progress.

Can WaveGuru be used for throughput tests for TCP or UDP traffic?

No. The present day WaveGuru is PHY layer only and hence doesn’t support L2 and upper layers traffic tests.

Can WaveGuru be used to capture intermediate PHY module specific input/output (testvectors)?

Waveguru can be configured to store intermediate output from various signal chain blocks into files. These files can be used as test vectors for testing individual signal chain blocks implemented on various platforms(matlab, C-model, etc); hence conformance testing is possible.

Can WaveGuru be used for simulating real wireless scenarios for testing Tx/Rx performance?

Yes, Waveguru is sold with antenna included in the package and scenarios that can be created in the lab are feasible.

Can WaveGuru be used for automation testing?

Waveguru provides an option to configure parameters and execute the applications through CLI(Command Line Interface). This option can be utilised to create script using any standard scripting tool. CLI document will be provided as part of the delivery.

What MIMO schemes/codes are supported by WaveGuru?

MIMO schemes supported by LTE and WiMAX are STTD(Matrix A) and SM(Matrix B). Vertical encoding is also supported.

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